Omparison of Hamlet move to Hamlet original play

This assignment requires you to choose a contemporary work (in this case the Hamlet film made in 2000, titled Hamlet, directed and directed and written by Michael Almereyda and compare it to the original work (the Hamlet play written by Shakespeare) Specifically Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Ed. Ann Thompson and Neil Taylor. Arden Shakespeare, 2006. 3rd series (Or whatever shakespeare text you are most familiar with). You will be specifically analyzing the Hamlet movie in comparison to the original play. You will write an essay examining how this modern work transforms its source material, paying particular attention to its central aim in doing so.
-Your first task will be to define succinctly the relationship between the two texts.
-Briefly note the spatio-temporal context of the contemporary text you are studying
-Your next task will be to formulate your key points of comparison
a? Be sure to note both similarities and differences
a? Remember that omission of elements from the original can be as significant as their inclusion
a? Make sure your comparison includes not only elements of plot and character, but also setting, form, and style
-Look for broader patterns in these points of comparison that will allow you to formulate a thesis about the similarities and differences you have noted
-Choose the key points of comparison as the body of your paper
-For your conclusion, briefly consider the stakes in the similarities and differences you have noted. How have they affected the meaning of the original? How are they using the source to speak to the new context in which the text has appeared? Remember to articulate a strong central claim!