Omparison of Hodgsons view and Inalciks view of the Ottoman Empire (until AD 1600)

I was given the following readings, in order to write the paper:

Marc Bloch: The Historians Craft
Caroline Finkel: Osmans Dream: The History of Ottoman Empire
Marshall Hodgson: The Venture of Islam, Vol 2
Halil Inalcik: The Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age 1300-1600
Fazlur Rahman: Islam
Steven Runciman: The Fall of Constantinople 1453

The paper cannot talk about the decline of the Empire, and cannot talk about harems and polygamy. Also, among the 15 pages, I will need 2 pages that talk about Christianism and the Christians (if possible using Runcimans book).

My professor is very focused on honesty and will be checking the work for plagiarism. Therefore I need something Originalthat is not copied from somewhere else.