Omparison of HR system in UK, China and Japan

The project compares 2 or 3 HR systems. The comparison may be between, for example, the UK model and continental European models; the UK, Europe and Asia; the USA and Germany; or Asia and the Developing World.

The project should cover the following areas:

” Awareness of differences within and between continents in terms of prevailing HR systems
” Awareness of the importance of national culture and business systems in the development of HRM
” Use of functional areas of HRM to illustrate answers (no more than three functional areas)
” Discussion of global convergence and/or divergence of HR systems

Marking Criteria

The project will be marked as follows:

” Critical comparison of various international models of HRM (20%)
” Understanding of contextual issues that influence HRM (20%)
” Use of functional areas of HRM to illustrate the answer (20%)
” Evaluation of evidence relating to convergence and divergence of HRM (20%)
” Structure, presentation and referencing 20%
Harvard style reference