Omparison of Male Roles in World War I and World War II

Write an 8 page term paper to the following topic: a comparison of male roles in world war I and world war II. The question you are to focus on is whether or not war encourages male heroism or male brutality (show comparison between WWI and WWII). You must read the following texts”
1. WWI: Paul Fussell, The Great War in Modern Memory and Erich Maria Remarque, Alls Quiet on the Western Front
2. WWII: Costello, Virtue Under Fire and Normal Mailer, The Naked and the Dead
3. Lois W. Banner, Women in Modern America
NOTE: Make sure you use refer your essay to all of the required texts. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES EXCEPT FOR THE BOOKS LISTED ABOVE.

Process to Follow in Writing a Term Paper:
1. The process of writing a term paper should be exactly the same as writing a senior honors thesis, a masters essay, a doctoral dissertation or a book.

2. There must be a THESIS. Once you begin writing, remember that you must have an opening paragraph which states your thesis.

3. Form. You will have to use footnotes at the bottom of the page, with the long footnote form. Almost any computer program will take the agony out of this. On wordperfect it is control/f7. The rule in footnoting is that you provide a citation for any direct quote, any paraphrase, or any information that is not commonly known. Of course, that is a vague rule, and anyone footnoting has to a certain extent to follow their instincts.