Omparison of Marx and Weber on theory of Inequality

I used this paper site before and they totally screwed up my assignment by not reading my requirement~!!

Please dont send me just a normal essay but sociology POSITION PAPER!!

1. have to find two opposing articles that are about ideas of inequality, one for Karl Marx and the other for Max Weber.

2. 3 pages in length in total.

3. proper/inspiring/catchy introduction and conclusion.

4. summaries for each article (1/2 page for each article, so making up one page in total, approximately)

5. my personal opinion for the rest of space left.
I should agree with one person (either Marx or Weber) and disagree with the other person and explain why. I should give some evidences from the articles. (this section allows me to write in 1st person point of view. So i can say, I think…)

6. References

7. ASA format. (American Sociological Association Style)