Omparison of Mauriceby E.M. Forster and The Line of Beautyby Alan Hollinghurst

For this paper, you will write about Mauriceby E.M. Forster and The Line of Beautyby Alan Hollinghurst. This should not be a Comparison and contrast essay.That is, your essay SHOULD NOT consist only of statements like: One novel is like another novel in these ways. And one novel is not like another novel in those ways.Rather, your paper should constitute a critical, argumentative intervention into the relation between these two texts.

The subject available for your essay is broad. Your paper MUST focus on some aspect of LOVE. But beyond that, you have the freedom to make whatever argument you wish. Just make sure that it is coherent, well-written, imaginative, and of course, brilliant.

As you prepare to write this paper and as you are writing it, bear in mind the fact that a literary analysis of this sort MUST have: a thesis statement; an argument; a compelling, specific introduction; a conclusion that does not simply repeat what you have just said in the body of the paper; direct quotations from the texts on which you choose to write; and close, careful analyses of these quotations. As a reminder, your argument should not be repetitive; it should DEVELOP. An idea that you introduce in one paragraph, should logically transition into the idea the next paragraph introduces. And each paragraph should be understooda and understandable to your readera as a coherent unit of organization, which begins with a focused, idea-driven (NOT PLOT-DRIVEN) topic sentence.