Omparison of Nevada and Texas court structure

Court structure and law analysis paper on Nevada in comparison to Texas. The five pages do not include the title page, abstract page or reference page or any appendices. APA style will be used in preparing the paper.
The primary focus should be on the other state Nevada (three-fourths) and only about one-fourth of the paper about Texas.

Suggested information to be included in paper
Courts and titles
Include all state and local courts
Types of cases heard by each kind of court
History of court a has structure changed over time
Names of judges a how many are female, Latino, African American, Asian
Who handles criminal prosecution a how many and how is state organized for prosecution
Criminal defense for indigents a public defender? Court appointed counsel? Contract system?
Right to jury trial in what kinds of cases
Name of Official Reporter for criminal cases
What is the name of the set of books where state law can be found