Omparison of of two psychiatric intervention, that is Pharmacology and Behaviour Therapy

Appraise the case study, discuss the approaches you have selected and why you believe that they could have been used to respond effectively to the issues apparent or implied in the case study. You can also choose whether you want to have the treatment enacted in a secure setting or in the community , and ensure that the interventions are modified to allow for an appropriate level of security. Be sure that you compare and evaluate the relative effectiveness of the two interventions , critique their application in forensic mental health setting, make connections between them and develop na argument , rather than just reproducing the set or recommended literature.
Some of the factors you might consider are;
-Implications for the patient
-Complications of the forensic setting
The role of the therapist as well as the role of the family, community , society,
-Ethical considerations
-Comparison of probable usefulness