Omparison of Open vs. Restricted Visitation in the ICU on Patient and Family Satisfaction


Ramos, F., Fumis, R., Azevedo, L., & Schettino, G. (2013). Perceptions of an open visitation
policy by intensive care workers. iAnnals of Intensive Care,/i i3: 34


Retrieved March 16, 2015, from

please mention both the title and the authors of the article in the introductory paragraph of your critique.
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Address both strengths and weaknesses of the article. Consider the following questions.
Were the methods, in some way, unique or especially interesting? Or do you see any problems or shortcomings in the methods?
Did the provided data answer the questions that the authors set forth?
Was the presentation of the data (figures or tables) clear and convincing?
Can you see any obvious problems or inconsistencies with the way the data were analyzed or interpreted?
Are the results able to be generalized to other (clinical) settings? Do their results have clinical (EBP) implications?
Is the paper hard to follow? Poorly organized? A
pleasure to read?

Conclusion (less than 0.5 page)

A statement indicating the overall evaluation of the work