Omparison of Rembrandtas The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp with Thomas Eakinsa The Gross Clinic.

Below is the assignment, I would ike to use option 1. The text book is called ART History, Fourth Edition, Marilyn Stokstad and Micheal Cothren, ISBN10:0-205-74422-2 and 13:978-0-205-74422-0.

The paper will involve writing a stylistic comparison of two works. Please choose one pair from the following options:

Option 1. Rembrandtas The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp (page746, figure 22-37) with Thomas Eakinsa The Gross Clinic (page 981, figure 30-21)
Option 2. John Henry Fuselias The Nightmare (page 928, figure 29-28) with Edouard Manetas Olympia (page 798, figure 30-18)
Option 3. Thomas Coleas The Oxbow (page 955, figure 29-57) with Vincent van Goghas Starry Night (page 996, figure 30-35)

Use the following outline to organize your paper.

Introduce the artworks to the reader by providing the artist, title, date, period, the medium, present location and a brief description of the subject of each.
Stylistic qualities
stylistic similarities of the two artworks
stylistic differences between the two artworks (Here you have to differentiate between subject and style, and just concentrate on the stylistic qualities. Adjectives help, as well as a lot of description of details so that the reader sees what you see.)
Conclude by describing how each artwork is representative of its artist and artistic culture. How does the style reflect the artist and his time period? Why was the work made? What were the circumstances of its creation? These things, if we know them, help to place each work in its historic context.
Work from the readings and the module narratives. You may do outside research, but itas not necessary. If you choose to look into outside sources, please include them in a bibliography. Primarily, this assignment is meant to exercise your eye for style and to synthesize, in your own mind, some of the things we cover this term. Please donat turn it into a major research project or the purpose of the paper will be lost.

Think in terms of a 750 word, double-spaced essay. Submissions must be made using one MS Word (.doc).