Omparison of Romanesque Angouleme Cathedral and Gothic Amiens Cathedral

This research paper is a comparison of the French Cathedrals Angouleme and Amiens. One is of Romanesque architecture the other of Gothic. The paper should compare both styles of architecture of each cathedral and analyze the differences of each cathedral.
Here is a brief outline to help organize the paper:

I. Introduction
a. Brief history of Romanesque cathedral, Angouleme, and Gothic cathedral, Amiens, including the time they were both enacted. Include also information on the history of romanesque architecture and its transition into Gothic and how this came about.
i. Reasons for building the cathedrals. Good point to discuss/ How they came about
b. Thesis comparing both? The paper is supposed to be a comparison between the two. Focus on, form, style, and interaction b/w interior and exterior space.Please be specific as to what about the form/style/spaces you analyze.

The paper is only 6 pages so if you stick to one/two main focuses it will be easier and clearer. Please have citations with an annotated bibliography in Chicago MLA 15th edition

I also have an outline and Bibliography done I could email and send to you for help, note that the number of sources I asked put on the order does not need to be exactly ten can be less as long as it is valid and scholarly source.