Omparison of the cinematography and subject matter (mise-en-scene) of two documentaries.

This essay needs to clearly focus on a few main points:

1) Compare the two documentaries; Gimme Shelterby Albert and David Maysles, and Troll Hunterby AndrA© A?vredal according to cinematography, props, actors, realism, miss-en-scene, and subject matter (plot).
2) Identify and give examples of the 3 main aspects of cinematic sound in both documentaries and how they are similar to each other.
3) Talk about the realistic qualities that the actors convey in both documentaries and how they portray the situation that they are in, to the audience (use examples from both documentaries).
4) In the end, talk about why these two documentaries are stylistically noteworthy and are important pieces of work in the film industry.

Please write about these topics clearly and in a very good form in this essay.