Omparison of Two Methods of Energy Production

double spaced, Choose Jackson State Library Online Resources

c. Choose Find a Journal Article”

d. Scroll down to the Science category

e. Choose General Science Full Text

f. Type in your search terms. Remember to use keywords instead of sentences.

For example wind energy and electricity

g. Try to find 3-4 journal articles that you can use for your paper. On the right of the articles is the Citefeature that gives you the citation in APA and MLA styles. You can use either style

h. Use the Department of Energy and TVA web sites to find 2 good references.

i. Dont use wikipedia as a source for your preliminary bibliography, but you can use it to get background. Use web sites with .edu or .org to get some other sources.

j. use the JSCC Library online catalog to find a book reference. There are many electronic books there