Omparison of UK and Chinese Company law

The title is freely assigned by writer. However, there are few requirements should be kept in mind:
1. 59 pages word limit includes a 300-400 words proposal, which representing how writer is gonna write this dissertation, the ideas and bullet points etc. Should complete this within 72 hours after receiving the order.
2. The dissertation is emphasising the UKs company law, not Chineses, but only a comparison.
3. Discuss (or eveluate) the UK company law about companys limited liabilities, its background, how the law is decided against limited liabilities of company. Also, its developing history till now, analysis the features, effects, as well as the future development trend and changes.
4. therefore, compare the UKs with Chinese company law about companys limited liabilities, analysis the differences between them.
5. However, the tilte given above is not compulsory for writer. You are able to change whichever title that might suit to this dissertation.