Omparison of U.S. & Other Health System

CHOOSE one (1) country from the following list. These countries are ranked high on the WHO overall healthcare system rankings:


WRITE a paper (750 words) COMPARE and CONTRASTING the United States Healthcare System

a.See Module 2 for the U.S. Healthcare System summary article:
b.Read: Holtz, C. (2008). Global health in developed societies: United States. In C. Holtz, Global Healthcare: Issues and policies (pp. 1-21). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
c.CLICK on the PDF file: US HEALTH SYSTEMS; read about the healthcare system of your selected country.
d.See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for paper requirements.
See Module 1 (Term Paper Assignment instructions) for assistance on searching for information about your selected country. Use the following headings:

a. HEADING: Introduction
b. HEADING: Health Statistics and Costs: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected Country]

Health statistics and costs (life expectancies, mortality rates, major health/illnesses) (% of gross domestic product, per capita expenditures)

c. HEADING: Health Care Financing: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected County]

Healthcare system financing; How is the provision of heath care financed for its citizens; through public sector [i.e., taxes] or the private sector [i.e.,personal or employer]; or a combination of both)? And, discuss!

d. HEADING: Healthcare Administration: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected Country]

Healthcare administration (Which government agencies oversee and regulate the provision of health care for its citizens? How do they do that? Example: Ministry of Health. See also Module 2 for list of U.S. agencies).

e. HEADING: Health Care Personnel and Facilities: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected Country]

Number and type of healthcare personnel and facilities (i.e., physicians, nurses, hospitals).

f. HEADING: Access and Inequality Issues: Comparison Between U.S. and [Selected Country]

Access and inequality issues (Based on the above information, does the country have citizens who are uninsured, underinsured, and/or experience health disparities? Describe access and inequality issues).

a ¦Use the above headings in your paper. In-text citations and a reference list MUST be found in your paper. See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for APA formatting. See end of Module for common paper errors.

a ¦EVALUATION of 750-Word Paper: Comparison of U.S. & Other Health System
1.Critical Thinking Skills/Content Development/Organization/References (60%): Introduction; Comparison of: Health Statistics and Costs; Health Care Financing; Healthcare Administration; Health Care Personnel and Facilities; Access and Inequality Issues
2.Format/Computer Technology Skills (40%)

Country Selected: SPAIN