Omparison of Walter Benjamins Arcades project to the Contemporary Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle

I would like for my essays to be edited, so that it becomes a coherent peace of work, as I am using many reference from other text and I would like to avoid the potential danger of plagiarism. Also, because i am writing two different essays using the same subject of (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan) for comparison and I was hoping you could also help me to ensure the presence of clear distinction between the essay in relation to their analysis.

Essay Aim:
I am attempting to define architecture as a device that acts within a city. By comparing to Walter Benjamins The Arcades project. Structure Outline:
1)What did Walter Benjamin try to achieve in the Arcades project?
2)Why did he choose Arcades as his subject of analysis?
3)What was his approach
4)Origin and meaning of arcade
5)Detail background on the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan
6)Importance of world exposition to the development of arcades
7)Galleria and importance of flaneur

-Arcades as continuation of illusion (image) avoiding technology appropriation to culture
-Success of the Galleria in Milan as an urban project/Limitation of the new department store.

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