Omparison Paper : compare and contrast two cultures

ANT 112
Fall 2012

Comparison Paper Instructions

Due Monday, March 19

For this assignment your job is to compare and contrast two cultures studied in this class. These can either be:

1. two cultures that fall under the same sociopolitical category (Band, Tribe, Chiefdom, Agricultural State);
2. or two cultures from differing sociolopolitical categories (for instance, contrasting a Band society with a Chiefdom).

You need to choose your cultures from a pre-defined list; this List of Resources for Comparison Paper is available on the course website, in the files section. The list gives a breakdown of approved cultures for each category, with sources (readings and videos) you can use for your paper.

You need at least one source for each of your two cultures: each source only qualifies once. For instance, if you use a film that discusses both the Hadza and the San, you can only count this as a source for one of the two. You will also need to use and cite the course textbook (Scupin).

Compare and contrast your cultures based on at least two of the following aspects of culture:
1. sociopolitical organization and structure (hierarchy, class, leadership, etc.);
2. relationship with the environment;
3. the importance of the dominant livelihood (foraging, pastoralism, agriculture) for the culture;.
4. spirituality and religion, or use of magic;
5. economics and exchange;
6. conflict and warfare;
7. kinship and marriage

Your paper should be about 3-5 pages long; 3 pages is the minimum length, counting only the body of your paper. For the purposes of this class, a page is a full page, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font (or equivalent-sized font), with 1-inch margins. You should write:
1. at least one page describing each culture (in terms of the cultural aspects you have chosen to emphasize);
2. at least one page comparing and contrasting these, and explaining differences or similarities with reference to the lectures and the textbook.
3. Include also a list of references, including the textbook. There is no required style for the reference list. The reference list does not count towards the length of the paper.

Remember: Any text or passages taken from any source (such as a quote from the textbook) needs to be placed within quotation marks to clearly distinguish it from your own words; you must also identify the source of your quote. Do not cite wikipedia or other online encyclopedias; if you use definitions, get them from the course materials, not from dictionairies and especially not!