Omparison Paper/Is Spanking Detrimental to Young Children

Compare two articles (I will provide the articles that are pre approved by the instructor).

The paper should be at least 5 pages in length, double spaced, no larger than one inch margins, no larger than 12 point New Times Roman style font. By Wednesday, May 16 you are to send me the reference information on the two articles you want to use for the assignment. Reference information includes the author(s) name(s), year the article was published, complete title of the article, complete name of the journal, volume number of the journal and page numbers of the article. If you locate the articles you want to use through the internet, you still need to send me all reference information. The only online sources you may use for this assignment are professional, academic online journals. If you do not send me the reference information for the articles you want to use, and the articles are not from professional academic journals, you will receive no credit for this assignment.

This assignment is designed to:
1. familiarize students with a current issue in parent child relations;
2. familiarize students with the manner in which a parenting issue is treated by professional sources; and
3. enable students to compare and analyze a parenting issue as presented in professional sources.
For this assignment the professor will randomly assign an issue/topic to each student in the class. Students are to seek out and read two professional journal articles dealing with that issue from academic journals (some examples of academic journals are listed below; there are many others available through Bierce Library on campus and through OhioLink). When doing a search for professional academic journal articles, good search engines to use are Google Scholar, ERIC, and PsychInfo.

After reading your two articles, you will write a paper comparing how the issue is treated by each of the sources. Some things to consider are the purpose of the article; who the target audience is; qualifications of the author; evidence presented for any claims made in the articles; how language is used; theoretical viewpoint of the author; what kind of outside sources are cited; whether or not the information and findings in the article are logical; what type of findings or results the authors report; your evaluation of the article; and any other information that is relevant. Offer an analysis and evaluation of each article you read, explain similarities and differences in how the articles are written, explain the focus of the research findings; and make a determination of how valid the information is in each article. Be sure to include a summary at the end of the paper.