Omparison Study of Computer Operating System (between Mac OS and Windows)

In todayas life the use of computer have becoming more essential, particularly for us students. As a college student there are many things from computer that we can utilize, for example are graphic design, social networking, gaming, and other tasks that is related to the major, in this case engineering. In using a computer choosing the right operating system is important. This report will consist of a study to compare which operating system will be best for you. I will compare two most popular operating systems there is, Macintosh OS and Windows. I will compare them according to these criteria:
a? Price
a? Customer service
a? Easiness to use
a? Library of programs and applications
a? Performance

Significance of Problem
The very basic use of computer is to make our task easier, but if you choose the wrong operating system it will be a burden. The biggest problem that you will obtain is if there is software you need to use but your operating system is not compatible. Other problem will also may occur, such as trouble with performance and compatibility. Therefore it is significant to choose the right operating system.

Project Methods
I. Interview
II. Online websites and databases
III. Credited publishing articles/ journals/ magazines
IV. Forums discussing mentioned operating systems

I. I will try to have an interview with people who works related to the customer service both in Macintosh OS and Windows.
II. operating-systems-about>
III. MacLife, PC Magazine, and PC World

Qualification and Experience
As someone who also major in I will found it easier to understand what are the needs and requirement you will need for your computer. In addition to my knowledge in the field of engineering, I am also very proficient in computers. I am currently using both a Macintosh OS, on my laptop, and Windows operating system, on my PC. This will allow me to compare them in fairly as I personally use both on a daily basis.

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