Omparison/Contrast analysis essay of Buddhism and Hinduism

Dear Vijay,

Here is the order for the Comparison/contrast analysis of Buddhism and Hinduism religions essay I told you about.

I tried tell administration to keep the CPP high, but they said thats something thats has to be taken care of on your side? any way i changed the level of writing to graduate which makes the CPP higher on my side, hope that helps?

The central Issue Im looking for in the essay is in this Thesis statement:

Thesis: Understanding the differences between the Hindu and Buddhist notions of the self, gives us a clearer understanding of how their different practices evolved, even though they share a similar world view.

So I want the essay to answer the question, why did these two religions drift apart? They started from the same place and share similar world views.

Do use three to four major points of comparison to support the issue. I have three to suggest but ultimately you could use any you would like. And they are:

#1 The notion of human self differ in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Buddhist-believe in no-self, non atman

Hinduism-believe in the atman, Brahman.

#2The notion of human duty differ in Hinduism and Buddhist religions:

Buddhist-Individuals do not have to be responsible to pursue their own enlightenment and its not something thatas already been determined for the individual by this…this… etc.. The individual has to choose for its self.


#3 The notion of Authority differ between religions:

Buddhist-says, dont accept any other authority because the only authority the individual could accept is the self, the self has to verify everything for the self.

Hinduism-Brahman said so, because its the duty thats in your past and its based on the last time the individual was in the Vedas. There is authority in the priest, and in scriptures.

#4 Both Hinduism and Buddhist religions accept ignorance as the source of the problem of self.

Buddhist-Are ignorant of what makes them suffer, keep them clinging to the things that make them return to the cycle of rebirth.

HinduismAre ignorant of the unity with brahman, maya is an illusion, ignorant of the true nature of Atman.

The essay needs to have in-text citations. I will attach the readings once you accept the assignment. Thanks no outside source are to cited in the essay just my attached readings. I have three to for sources for each religion, Ill attach then when you have been assigned as the writer. Thanks again.