Omparison,contrast essay of 2 websites. Point-by-point analysis

The point of this essay is to compare-contrast 2 websites point-by-point. The websites are, And Thats jus a little explanation of the websites. On the essays they want the name of the authors of each website, the most recent publication date for the site. This essay its suppossed to b directed to my college students. My thesis is that i strongly believe that this websites complement most of the needs of Edison College Students writing essays. You can change it if you would like. They also require me to have 2 quotations,( one from each website) that supports a point. The margin has to be 1 to 1/2 inches.

THeres supposed to be 3 to 4 topics point-by-point. It has to include pronouns, navigation and credibility of both sites. The intro is supposed to include the lead, thesis and contrast.Heading is supposed to b like this

Vasquez-Solis, Juan Diego
Enc 1101
Oct 19, 2008

Its supposed to be like a research paper about the websites. THey dont want me to use the word YOU. When talking about the audience use they or Edison Students. And Thats about It. Thank you!!