Omparison/Contrast Essay of Las Vegas, NV and Tokyo, Japan

Comparison/Contrast Essay
This third essay should be four pages, double spaced.
Your introductory paragraph should again contain:
1. Hook nor Attention Grabber
2.Background information on the material you will be developing
3.A clearly-stated thesis in which you provide the points you will make

In this essay, you will be developing ten paragraphs:

2.One paragraph of comparison showing how the cities are similar in two ways
3.Six paragraphs showing with three strong points how they are different (Contrast). Each of these three points should be developed with two paragraphs.
4.Conclusion-Wrapping up your thoughts effectively

In this third essay, you must use 4 documented sources.

You must use some quotations, some summaries, and at least one paraphrase.

Paraphrases must be cited in your paper just as quotations and summaries are. See section 43d in your LBH, pages 633-641

Just like quotations and summaries, paraphrases must be introduced and cited with parenthetical citations.

Please remember that with this paper, you will be providing 4 new sources so you must provide annotations for these new sources. Include all of the necessary information for each.

Remember that you must also provide highlighted and numbered photocopies of your sources.

With this essay, you must submit an outline following the format given to you in class. This outline is considered a part of your grade. Please follow the guidelines for it carefully.

As with your other essays, it is vital that you are in class for peer editing and my one-on-one tutorials. On this one, I will NOT accept your paper without this time in class. Please remember that this is not an online class, so I cannot accept your rough drafts or final drafts via email.

Submit your paper to SmartThinking as many times as possible. It is a free service to you, and history proves that it is a definite help to your grade.

In the end, you are the final proofreader and editor of your own paper, so check it carefully before turning it in as we both want it to be an example of your best work.

**Use about 8 citations in paragraphs (from 4 new sources) one in each body paragraph (quotations, summaries, and paraphrases)

I will need to actually locate and print each source since i have to highlight and number as well as turn in with my final copy of my essay.

Example of my outline
Thesis: Las Vegas, Nevada and Tokyo, Japan have many similarities as well as differences in opportunities for technology, advertising, and entertainment.
I.How the two cities are alike concerning advertising and technology
A.Similarities of Las Vegas and Tokyo, Japan concerning advertisement. (using example)
B.Similarities of Las Vegas and Tokyo concerning technology. (using example)
II. Differences in Education in Las Vegas and Tokyo.
A.Differences in education of Las Vegas (using example)
B.Differences in education of Tokyo (using example)
III. Differences in the economy of Las Vegas and Tokyo
A.Differences in in economy of Las Vegas (using example)
B.Differences in economy of Tokyo (using example)
IV.Differences in the entertainment industry of Las Vegas, Nevada and Tokyo, Japan
A. Differences in the entertainment industry of Las Vegas, Nevada (using example)
B.Difference in the entertainment industry of Tokyo, Japan (using example)
*******You must be consistent throughout OUTLINE using either sentences of phrases(using capitalisation at beginning of each and period at end of sentence)

In the end i will need an Annotated Bibliography of each of the 4-5 new sources.

the outline i provided was just a sample of what I thought maybe sufficient. Please feel free to change or make any suggestions.