Omparisson of Film and aa Case of Racism

Relate the historical context of the film: The Color Purpleto whether it relates to either (PICK ONE): Settler Racism or Internal Other Racism. (Relate historical context of the movie to either form of racism it applies to).

Intro-how the historical context of the fim relates to racism in general. In cluding a main point and thesis
-supporting your topic with quotes from 3 sources:books on the fim, criticism of the film, historical context.

Internal Otheris racism that taboos a particular group of people from within one community or society, as an impure Otherbecause of the work or the function they are made to perform. Internal Others cannot be distinguished by their looks because they are internal and not a recognizably foreign population.

Settler Racismis when racism is directed against the indigenous inhabitants whom the settlers displaced or settler racism by the dominant settlers against another Foreignpopulation