Omparitive Article Report / Contemporary Issues: RFID-Usage (benefits, risks, privacy, abuse)

Guidelines from the tutor:
Contemporary Article Comparative Report, 3500 Words:
Students are required to source three contemporary articles from on-line sources. The articles should express different opinions/points of view on a particular topic RFID”. Students must then write an analytical report comparing and contrasting the different points of view and reaching insightful personal conclusions as well as suggesting justifiable reasons for the difference of opinion. Criteria: Coverage of subject, critical and conceptual analysis, perceptive judgments and insights, command of literary skills, use of received opinion.

For this assessment task you are required to prepare an analytical written report. Select three (3) Online articles that are related to the topic of RFID usage”. The articles should be selected carefully, considering that they must be appropriate, authoritative and relevant articles demonstrating differing perspectives (or opinions) on a specific topic. Therefore it is imperative that the articles are referenced and the source is clearly identified. The reliability of the author(s) must be evaluated before selecting the article.

I would like to compare 3 optionions:
1. opinion from the RFID-industry (pro RFID)
2. opinion from the RFID-opponents (e.g. CASPIAN, FoeBuD e.V., contra RFID.)
3. opinion of the state (switzerland, I might be able to deliver some texts in english)

The writer must help find suitable articles and they must be carefully checked (see guidelines above). The articles should be at least 6 pages (also research papers, white papers, etc. can be selected) long and writen from a authority in the field (e.g. RFID-producer, state department for security, etc.). The focus is on the usage of RFID, the benefits and danger it causes (privacy concerns, tracking users, collecting marketing material, etc.). I would like to view and discuss the selected articles with the writer, before he/she starts writing the report.

The arguments of the authors must be analysed and backed with secondary sources (I will upload a list of links and literature), that support an opinion of the writers or confute an opinion. I will also post a outline of the desired structure, although I would like to discuss the structure with the writer too.

I will also upload a example, so that the writer can get an idea of the type of work (although I dont know the grade the example got, so improvements are always welcome).