Omparitive look at traditional versus community-oriented or problem-oriented policing

I. Introduction:

II. Main Body (4-8 pages)

A. Traditional Policing: Describe how policing has traditionally been done. You may want to include a brief history of policing. You may want to also include a discussion on police organization: centralized, decentralized, paramilitary, etc. (2-3 pages)

B. Community-Oriented Policing: You can also choose to write about Problem-Oriented policing. Describe the goals and thought processes behind these approaches. Describe community-oriented policing (1-2 pages).

C. Compare and Contrast: In this section of the paper discuss the similarities, differences, and effectiveness of both approaches to policing. Be sure to research the effectiveness of each approach. (1-3 pages)

III. Conclusion: In this section wrap up all of the loose ends that are in the paper.Also, take a stand regarding which approach to policy is more effective and why. Make a recommendation for the future of policing. (1-2 pages).