Ompartive analysis of New Black Panther Party for Self Defense and the White Supremacist World Church of the Creator

Each paper will have four parts:

1. Introduction (1-2 pages)
This section should briefly describe the groups that were chosen for this project, and why.

2. Group 1 description (1-2 pages) and Group 2 description (1-2 pages)
Provide information on each groupas ideology; leadership; primary bases of support; recruitment and operations; primary source of their weapons (if known) finances; other kinds of logistical support. If either group is still active, describe its current operational capabilities, recent issues, impact and potential targets. If the groups are no longer active, how did they meet their demise?

3. Comparative Analysis (2 pages).
This is the most important section of your paper; a critical analysis of which group has been more successful in using terrorism toward achieving the objectives outlined in its ideology and why. Be sure to address the issue of leadership, environment, support, etc-whatever you can attribute the groupas relative successes (or failures) to.

4. Conclusion (1-2 pages)
Summary; describe what you learned from this assignment and how it pertains to gaining a broader understanding of Domestic Terrorism. Please include what you understand as the current threat level to the nation, state or community, including law enforcement.

Papers must include academic citations, research citations, footnotes, etc using an accepted academic format. Your paper should draw on qualified resources (i.e. no Wikipedia or other questionable websites) and must include a list of works cited.