Ompassion and the Individual by Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dali Lama

Please read this article and answer this essay format.

5-page double-spaced maximum. Please write your name on the back only.
Each of the headings in bold face below should also appear on your lab.
The more care you take re-presenting another authoras view accurately and presenting your own view clearly, logically, and persuasively and saying exactly what you mean, the better you will do. A longer lab is not necessarily a better one. Better reasoning and clearer writing make a lab better.

The Philosophical Question at issue: [State this question at the top of your paper, e.g., a?What is the best criterion of personal identity?a? Or a?Would immortality be a good thing?a? or a?Could one lead a life that is not vulnerable to regret?a? Be sure that the question you ask is one that both the Authoras thesis and your thesis directly answer.]

Technical Terms: [List and briefly define the technical terms and/or conceptual distinctions that are central to this topic. This will typically be no more than half a page.]

Authoras Thesis: [State the thesis of the author(s) you have selected in one sentence.]

Authoras Argument: [Re-Present the author(s) explanation and defense of this thesis. Be clear; be precise; donat over-simplify or rely on your reader to be familiar with the text you are discussing; include selective quotes to show the author holds the view that you attribute to him or her.]

(Approximately 2 pages)

. . .

. .

My Thesis: [This should be one sentence. Note that you may wish to assert exactly the same thesis as you did above but have a significantly different defense of that view that you think is better.]

My argument: [Carefully explain, illustrate, and defend your view]

Criticism against my view: [Give and explain a possible objection against your view]

My response to the criticism: [Defend your view against the objection]

. . .

(Approximately 2 pages)
. . .