Ompensation and Benefits Strategy of an Organization

Compensation and Benefit Strategy of an Organization

–The Paper Overview
The paper is related to the compensation and benefit strategy of an organization. I selected an organization (Walmart) that is experiencing challenges with its compensation and/or benefit program. Such challenges could include high rate of employee turnover, inability to recruit talented employees because of the lack of proper compensation, inability to fund an adequate benefit program, an incentive program where few employees reach their objectives, or a retirement system that is not funded adequately nor offer proper investment choices. These are some examples where challenges exist within the organizations compensation and benefit plan.

–Be sure to use the APA format which includes a title page, table of content, the paper which has an introductory paragraph, information about your challenge or challenges, summary paragraph, and last your reference sheet–references you have used to help you with your paper and to make your points.

Organization to research. I have selected : WALMART

1. Detail their compensation and/or benefit challenge. It is recommended that you concentrate on the principle compensation and benefit challenge within the organization, rather than a number of less important issues.

2. iscuss the compensation and/or benefits strategies other organizations have utilized related to your challenge, along with a review of their success and failure. As an example, if you are interested in an EAP (Employee Assistance Program), detail what other organizations have followed a similar action and the results their experienced.

3. Recommend the strategy you propose the organization should follow to address its compensation and/or benefit challenge.

4. Discuss any impediments to this strategy, including any contingency plans that should be considered.

5. Finally, specifically detail how the strategy you propose would address the organizations challenge (as detailed in #2 above) and its impact on both the organization and the employee.