Ompensation & Benefits Annotated Bibliography

Here are the specifications for this project.
1. Each student will prepare an Annotated Bibliography for the week 7 assignment.
2. You may select a review of books, websites, and/or periodicals. You will need to prepare an Annotated Bibliography of 10-15 entries for this assignment. Each entry must focus on a theory, principle, concept, and/or issue covered in our textbook (Milkovich, G. and Newman, J. (2008). Compensation Ninth Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin) or Discussion Board postings (listed below). You are not limited to just one item, but it is expected and recommended that each of your bibliographic entries will be on a different area or topic.
3. Each annotated bibliography entry must consist of 6-8 sentences to review the particular reference thoroughly. You will be graded on your selection of material, formatting, and synthesis/analysis of the materials for this project.
4. All entries must be in APA Style format  no other style will be acceptable. If you are not acquainted with APA Style format, you may review it briefly at
5. If you use any website as a reference, please note the date of your electronic reference retrieval (this is important), because it must be included, along with the URL (i.e., periodicals reference formatting can be found in the APA Style Manual.

Discussion Board postings

Discuss Jobs and different types of pay

Job evaluations for all middle-management positions; What are some of the job evaluation decisions you will probably need to consider when creating one?

You have learned that the same worker has received the same pay increase during the past five years, and you do more work. As a member of the HR dept, what would you do if anything?

Is Merit pay given justly or unjustly?

Do you think that unions today are as effective on negotiating compensation packages for their union members as seen in the past two decades?