Ompetence in intercultural communication helps communication in general

I need the first page to be an essay plan of about 200 wards or 220 max.
i will print you the assignment as i received it
Essay plan instructions:
for this part of the assignment you need to provide a brake-down of your essay. you need to show that you have a clear idea for the introduction section, for the main body and for the conclusion in this part you dont need to provide references yet. dont right more than 200 words, the longest section should be your main body. you dont need to write in full sentences,bullet points or spidergrams or mind maps are sufficient.

the rest 4 pages will be the essay itself with the following instructions:
points for you to consider:
define what is meant by being a competent communicator
define what is meant by intercultural communication
consider terms such as proxemics(proximity), gestures, body language and how these vary according to culture

making carteria:
clear and simple use of academic language; avoid jargon
evidence of understanding the topic
evidence of theoretical research
ability to give examples and elaborate to back up ideas
essay formatted following academic conventions
all sources acknowledged both in-text and in reference section, follow the Harvard (APA) style
maximum 1000 word for the essay