Ompetency Assessment-Art Integrated Lesson Plan with Artwork for Elementary Classes

Must specify grade level (any elementary grade level)
This is a typed lesson plan that integrates Art with other disciplines such as, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, etc. The lesson plan also reflects the Discipline based Art Education approach (DBAE)OR what is now known as the Comprehensive Arts Education Approach to teaching. This approach integrates art learning in art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and studio production with other disciplines. You must create the artwork, which meets the objectives of the lesson plan.(C-F;As a reflective decision maker, the student applies knowledge and skills acquire in the course to demonstrate their ability to become an informed and capable professional.

Rubric for Integrated Lesson Plan:
*Instructional Objectives were specific and measurable
*Visual Art Sunshine State Standards (Florida Standards)
listed and appropieate for elementary school grades
*Cooperating Discipline SSS(Sunshine State Standards) listed and appropiete
*Visual Arts Concepts and Vocabulary
*Cooperating Discipline Concepts and Vocabulary
*Key Questions listed and addresses lower and higher order
*Clear and Concise Initiating Activity
*Core Activities listed and understandable
*Clear and Concise Closure Activity addresses review & clean up procedures.
*Complete listing of all Materials and Equipment
*Assessment/Evaluation explained with Rubric attached
*Appropiate and clear Follow up Activities
*Self Assessment addresses concepts that pertain to this lesson when taught or presented
*References/Bibliography completed
*Artwork is executed in accordance with directions in lesson plan
*Artwork demonstrates competency as explained
*Artwork demonstrates competent craftspersonship
*Artwork demonstrates understanding and proper use of the media
*Artwork is developed by showing perseverance, incorporation of detail, and use of materials in unique ways
*Artwork demostrates competency in using the art elements and principles of design (formal qualities)
*Artwork must be done with materials found or available in a classroom