Ompeting Through Marketing Managing Information

Using one of the organisations listed below, produce a business report to guide the owners of the enterprise on how Information Systems AND Internet Technologies (e business) could improve their business operations. You should also provide advice on how the proposal could be acquired, designed & implemented. At present, each of the organisations uses very basic computer facilities.

The business report should be a reasonable mix of pragmatic and academic content that demonstrates academic/ theoretical underpinning.

Choose ONE of the following:

a? A home furniture manufacturing company
a? a small high quality restaurant
a? a small hotel offering bed & bedfast accommodation

Performance is judged against the following criteria:

a? Relevance to question. 50%
(This is sub-divided as follows: Strategic / problem analysis 10%,
Use of tools / frameworks -10%, IS / E-Business benefits -10%,
Proposed Solution 20%)
a? Structure/presentation & clarity of writing 10%
a? Scope & relevance of literature sources
(including research, journals, etc) 10%
a? Rigour of argument / Synthesis 10%
a? Demonstration of Learning Outcomes 10%
a? Conclusions / Recommendations 10%