As business consultants you are asked to advise a Sino-European* merger. The Boards of Directors and CEOs of the Chinese and European companies are considering a merger within the same industry; their combined worldwide turnover would be greater than a ¬5bn and in the EU their total market share would be about 33%.
YOUR OBJECTIVE: Give a summary written report (individual, 800 words) explaining to the Boards of Directors the possible restrictions and the view of the EU Commission on mergers where dominance may arise.

Instructions on the Report layout:
Contents Page
i. Introduction

ii. Abuse of dominance

iii. Tests used by the EU Commission

iv. Relevant market

v. Market share

vi. Vertical integration

vii. Entry barriers

viii. What the EU Commission targets

ix. Conclusion

x. Appendices

xi. Bibliography

xii. References

Please also see the example report I uploaded that should be followed. Thats how the lecturer requested it.The sample report I uploaded has been market and its recieved 60%.

Use the graphs in the power point presentation uploaded and references from the powerpoint. Also in the appendix it should include some models and graphs.