Ompetition in my life. (Any story of competition that I might encountered in life, and so on. look for instructiions)

The main categories of grading are:

1. The essay well-edited and free of errors of spelling and grammar.

2. It is a personal essay on the theme of COMPETITION. The essay includes a narrative. It doesnt include information from outside sources.

3.The essay is properly formatted in MLA style

4. Hand in a copy of ALL paper copies of the prewrite, essay and workshop drafts and forms that you made as you worked on the essay. DO NOT print things you turned in on line–I already have copies of those items. Staple the papers together neatly or put them in a folder and turn them in the next class day after you submit the essay. (So pls, make an illusion, that I have worked for this essay for a long while, attach some unfinished drafts with the main paper)

The essay is formatted in MLA style with no errors.
10 pts
There is a Narrative (a story)
10 pts
The essay has a statement of personal belief supported by the content of the essay.
30 pts
Turned in all paper copies of drafts, workshops, prewrites.
10 pts
The essay is written in clear language that is mostly free of spelling and grammar errors.