Ompetitive Advantage, Global Marketplace, Sustainable Marketing

Textbook is: Principles of Marketing, 14th edition, Kotler, Armstrong.
The Chapter 18 company case: Ford (10 pts).
How does Fords Sync contribute to its competitive advantage? Is this a sustainable advantage? Can Mulally succeed with small world cars?

The Chapter 19 company case: Nokia (10pts)
Discuss Nokias global strategy in terms of the five global product and communication strategies. Can competitors easily replicate Nokias global strategy?
Why or why not?

The Chapter 20 company case: International Paper (10pts)
Give as many examples as you can for how International Paper defies the common social criticisms of marketing?

General Questionsa select Four questions to answer from the following selections:
A .Explain how having strong competitors can benefit a company? (10 pts).
B. Describe the three value disciplines for delivering superior customer value and explain why classifying competitive strategies in this way is appealing? (10 pts).
C. Discuss the advantages of being a market follower and the factors to consider when pursuing this strategy? (10 pts).
D. Explain what is meant by the term, global firm, and list the six major decisions involved in international marketing? (10 pts).
E. What factors do companies consider when deciding on possible global markets to enter? (10 pts).
F. Discuss the three ways to enter foreign markets. Which is the best? (10 pts).
G. What is sustainable marketing? Explain how the sustainable marketing concept differs from the basic marketing concept and the societal marketing concept? (10 pts)
H. Discuss the types of harmful impact that marketing practices can have on competition and the associated problems? (10 pts)
I. Describe the two philosophies regarding what principle should guide companies and marketing managers on issues of ethics and social responsibility? (10 pts)