Ompetitive Intelligence Analyses Techniques

Writer please determine from the list of Competitive Intelligence analyses techniques (attached below 1-53), the ones you think would help contribute greatly to complete a presentation about the utility Boilers industry.
Also,indicating what each would tell you that would get you closer to the a?answer.a?
In my submitted team presentation we just used the following 4:
a?Porteras 5 Forces
Basically, you have to pick a couple of these analytical techniques (including the four we already used) then verify your answer by saying why these specifically would directly benefit you if your using these techniques to gather info or to analyse info about the utility boilers industry!

Analysis Technique
1. BCG Growth/Share Portfolio Screening Matrix (Four Corners)
2. Competitor Analysis
3. Industry analysis (Five/Nine Forces)
4. Issue analysis
5. Political risk analysis
6. Scenario analysis
7. Macroenvironmental (PESTEL) analysis
8. SWOT/TOWS analysis
9. Value Chain analysis
10. GE Business Attractiveness 9-cell Screen Matrix
11. Customer Segmentation analysis
12. Customer Value analysis
13. Functional Capability & Resource analysis
14. Management profiling
15. Stakeholder analysis
16. Experience Curve analysis
17. Growth Vector analysis
18. Patent analysis
19. Product life cycle analysis
20. S-Curve (technology life cycle) analysis
21. Financial ratio and statement analysis
22. Strategic funds programming
23. Sustainable growth analysis
24. Competitive Positioning analysis
25. Business Model
26. SERVO analysis
27. Supply Chain Management/SCOR Model
28. Benchmarking
29. McKinsey 7S analysis
30. Shadowing
31. Product Line
32. Win/Loss
33. Strategic Relationship analysis
34. Corporate Reputation analysis
35. Critical Success Factors
36. Country risk analysis
37. Driving Forces
38. Event & Timeline
39. Technology Forecasting
40. War Gaming
41. Historiographical
42. Indications & Warnings
43. Linchpin
44. Competing Hypotheses/Hypothesis-based Analysis
45. Interpretation of statistical analysis
46. Competitor cash flow analysis
47. Value Net Model analysis (PARTS)
48. Technology Sequence
49. Counter-Intelligence
50. Core Competencies
51. Cost Analysis + Activity Based Costing
52. Economic Value Management
53. Analytic Hierarchy Process