Ompetitive Outsourcing in the United States Federal Government

Please provide a complete thesis with the following sections: I have completed Sections 1-6. Please complete the abstract with at least three pages and the body at least 10 pages of findings. Is outsourcing more beneficial to the federal government (Army, Navy, Air Force)
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Section 2 Premise.
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Situation Analysis

Competitive sourcing is one of five key elements of the President s Management Agenda. Under competitive sourcing, executive agencies must study some of the commercial activities currently performed by federal employees.

OMB Circular No. A-76 sets the policies and procedures that executive branch agencies must use in identifying commercial-type activities and determining whether these activities are best provided by the private sector, by government employees, or by another agency through a fee-for-service agreement. The term typically used to describe this process is  competitive sourcing. The emphasis is simply on getting the best value for the citizen, irrespective of who performs the work.

This paper discusses outsourcing and the strategic use of outside resources to perform activities that are traditionally handled by internal staff and resources. It is explained as a management strategy by which an organization delegates major, non-core functions to specialized and efficient service providers that have been determined to be commercial activities. The paper explores the considerable debate whether outsourcing is actually more advantageous and actually improves efficiency.


Outsourcing a product or service through the U.S. Federal Government from a contracted source does not improve operations nor does it reduce the cost structure of the government agency. The upfront study performed by manpower may not provide the proper information to determine if competitive outsourcing would really improve operations and save money.

Disclaimers or Study Limitations

The implementation of Competitive Outsourcing is one of five key elements of the President s Management Agenda. OMB Circular No. A-76 sets the policies and procedures. The research for this paper was obtained from federal regulations, websites, and articles. Competitive is used in the federal government as well as private sector. I will focus on the background, policy, guidance, problems encountered, in the Federal Government.

The information and statistics in this paper is based on data obtained from official government reporting websites and reports that have been completed. The analysis of the information is based on my own personal interpretation.