Ompetitive silence or personalization of products, the case of Apple Computer

Very important:
Competitive silence is directly linked to sales due to anticipation of the information leaked by apple. However that Apple leaks information can not be proven, therefore compare and contrast sales figures to when info was leaked, for example ipad.

Literature review

Will it be guided by the title? How is it that people started talking about this in the field? What has been written about anticipation what will happen about the share price? Be guided by concepts


Say how to investigate the topic. What tools will be used?
For the tools use models as they can be applied to topic eg. 7s or Bowmans clock, combine a Porter with the opportunities and threats etc
Depending where the lit review is going.

What is going to be done to generate information. Saunders not more than a page. Inductive, deductive, positivist, etc

Will PESTEL be used or 5 forces always say why!!!
Hovsteede or other can be included.
Use sources like magazines (ft, economist) as well as newspapers and databases.
Saunders would be recommended for the methodology.
Also see Harvard Business Schools, What is strategyby Michael E Porter
Books that describe Apple in general and are available in the UK are fine too