Ompetitive use of Information at E-bay .com

Competitive use of Information at E-bay .com(or you can choice better)

– Introduction :
History of e-commercial.( The digital age )
Advantage and disadvantage of e-commercial.
E-bay company (the story of the biggest online auction in the world) competitive strategy by using information .
Ebay and itas competitor such as Amazon.

Analyze by using :
Porteras five forces.(buyers, suppliers, substitutes, new entrance, rivalry).(you should use or reference from abooke)
You can use swat analyze or some of them if its Necessary
SWAT.(strengths .weaknesses .opportunities .threats)
Why company (ebay) become successful
Did ebay care about the good reputation? How ?why?
If you want to add something to support the essay ok

Conclusion :