Ompetitiveness in the International Economic Industry

Starting I would like to give emphasis to the fact that this Essay is for my Final Course in my Economic Major.Although I trust ur services I would like to make clear that it is CRUCIAL that this must be a TOP essay cause my overall C.I depends on it.

The course is called Micro-Economic SEMINAR.So as u understand the essay must be written in an very precise MICRO-ECONOMIC style.

My suggestions about this essay are the following:

-Role of technology
-Competitive advantage and competitiveness
-Market distortions and nonmarket facts.
-Productivity/Market share/Indicators based on techology.
-International Competition in Electronics
-Evaluation of I.C. in Electronics
-I think that a good example would be to present some facts from countries like U.S and Japan(simularities-differences)

It would be nice if some Indexes with numbers were presented i the essay

ATTENTION:all of the above are some of my ideas just wanting to show more or less what I would like the essay to have in its content.Its in NOT necessary to include the above stuff.I trust ur instict and writting talent to make a good essay on this matter.

Thank you very much.

If u have any questions concerning the essay dont hesitate to ask me via e-mail.