Ompetitor Analysis and the Development of a Brand

Assessment Marketing
Word count 1500 words
Case study Chapter 6(p241)/ 7 (p254) : Competitor Analysis and the Development of a Brand
1. Explain the success of the Fairy brand.

2. Discuss how Proctor and Gamble has been able to increase market share at a time when competition from supermarketsa own-label brands has intensified.

3. Discuss to what extent the principles and practices of brand management used for Fairy Liquid can be applied to other goods and services, such as televisions and package holidays.

1. To be presented in essay format (each question) using third person formal language
2. To be submitted to Turn it in (details to be provided) and reception no later than 28th July
4. Use Harvard style
5. Title page (following) to be stapled to the top left front page of your answers and fully completed
6. Typed using size 12 font Arial and 1.5 line spacing.