Ompetitor Review and Organization Design Analysis

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Please write a 6 to 8 page paper that examines the design choices of two competitors within a specific industry.Please pay attention to how/where points are awarded for this assignment (at bottom of description). Access to the textbook, Organization Theory and Design by Daft, which must be referenced throughout this assignment can be found at Username: password: ginger8396.

Pick two competitors within an industry, compare and contrast their approaches to the market. Speculate on their ideal organizational design strategies (using design terminology from the text). Explain your rationale. Discuss how the organization design choices support their strategic intent.

This may include:

Strategic intent and competitive advantage
Where they fit within either Porters three strategies or Miles and Snows four strategies
Centralization vs. decentralization
External relationships (e.g. supply chain, outsourcing, partnerships, etc.)
Internal systems including the use of technology
Possible organizational structures (reference text)
Organizational control strategies (e.g. bureaucratic, market, clan, etc.)
People strategies (types of talent, rewards, etc.)

Task Points Available
Description of the organizationsFacts relevant to the assignment are presented 0-5
Understanding of the two strategies and their impact on organizations design 0-15
Organization design explained in a logical manner 0-20
-Examples used
-Course material used to make assertions stronger