Ompilation of Online Resources on Language and Literacy Programs

In this activity you will make an annotated compilation of resources on Language and Literacy programs on the World Wide Web.

1. Search the internet for resources on language & literacy programs. The resources should be in the form of videos, podcasts, websites, etc. Whole websites which may include videos and podcasts should be annotated holistically.
2. Annotate each entry in your compilation. The annotation is a 70-120 word description of the resource or resource site. Use the following format in annotating each entry:
3. There should be at least 20 entries/items in your compilation which should cover at least three (3) of the following categories (note that these categories may sometimes overlap). Enter each item under a category.
a? School-based programs
a? Community-based programs
a? Family literacy programs
a? Adult literacy programs
a? Readership programs
4. Write a 200-250 word preface to your compilation discussing what seems to be the characteristics or features common to the programs in your compilation.