Ompile an Annotated Bibligoraphy for Pro and Con Stances

Course: Administrative Law Doctoral Level
Section 3: The Public Relations Research Process
You are becoming familiar with the public policy topic and now must begin to develop pro and con arguments. This Section moves you into a more focused research process to locate appropriate resources.
Required Reading:
Chapter 8 in the Seitel textbook
Refer to APA resources as necessary
Activity 4: Paper 4 Compile an Annotated Bibliography for Pro and Con Stances

Prepare an annotated bibliography on your selected (from Activity 3) public policy issue that is organized into two sections: arguments in favor of and against your selected issue. Your annotated bibliography must include:
a? at least three major works
a? and ten peer reviewed journal articles for each viewpoint.
a? At least 85% of such articles must be less than five years old.

The bibliography must conform to the following:
a? APA standard
a? Cite course or other resources in an APA-formatted document.

Length: 7-9 pages (app. 350 words per page); excluding title page, abstract, table of contents, references