Omplementary, Alternative, and integrative Medicine Paper

You will need the book:
Keegan, L. (2001). Healing with complementary and alternative therapies. Albany, NY: Delmar

Based on the intoduction and chapter one of the textbook, submit an essay in which you define complementary, alternative and intergrative medicine. Then identify three factors that are promoted in popularity and use of CAM as well as three factors that are hindering the acceptance of CAM in the United States. Address your current knowledge of, opinion toward, and comfort level with CAM. Included a reference list to properly document all resources used in the paper.

Explain one of the major alternative medical system and differentiate it from allopathic medical care.

Describr the attributes of the five categories of therapies as defined by the national institutes of health and the national center for CAM.

Explain the philosophy and treatment principles of a variety of complementary healing therapies.

Explain ones personal attitude, beliefs and comfort level regarding CAM.