Omplete a literature review on an area of your choice.

What are the origins and definitions of this topic?
How does this relate to my focus within the topic?
Questions that might inform section headings
What are the major issues and debates?
What are the main questions and ideas that have been researched to date?
What are the key theoretical and conceptual ideas?
How has the literature increased knowledge and understanding of the topic?
What are the main sources that support my line of argument?
What are the main sources that question my line of argument?
Are there any areas that have not been explored previously in the literature?
What are the key points?
Add a list of references in the OU Harvard style (as specified in Section 5.6 of the Assessment Guide). The list of references is not counted in the 3000 words maximum allowed for this TMA.
Final reminder
Resist the temptation merely to produce a a?shopping lista of what has been written about your topic. You should provide a critical summary and assessment of the literature in your chosen field, which leads up to and justifies your research questions and/or hypotheses.