Omplete ONE of the following two tasks:

Consumers and Consumption

Complete ONE of the following two tasks:


Write a 400-word analysis of the influences on you with regard to a recent product/brand purchase. You must have purchased the brand (though not necessarily the type of product) for the first time.

Which marketing communications disciplines a advertising etc. a and media had an influence on you? What was present in the copy, visuals and a?personalitya of the marketing communications that moved you to purchase, do you think.

You may draw on the Marketing Management and Marketing Communications lectures and seminars to contextualise your answer.


400 words: Study the McDonaldas adverts at big-mac-attack and analyse how the Canadian a?culture jammersa, Adbusters, subvert the fast food chainas product offering and marketing communications. How effective do you think a?culture jamminga of this kind is?

In both the above tasks pay attention to how you structure your answer, and donat forget the a?characteristics of a very good assignmenta on p.7 of your unit handbook.