Omplete Research Paper Drafts and Peer Reviews

working on your own draft, try to use the following elements to strengthen your paper…
topic sentences (typically at the beginning of each paragraph) to assert the main points of your paper and link back to your thesis
logical/thoughtful development of support for main analytical points using clear explanations, examples, and reasoning
transitions between each body paragraph to clarify the unique focus of each paragraph, to clarify how each new paragraph follows from the previous body paragraph, and to clarify how each paragraph in the section relates to the main point of the section and back to your thesis
references to specific evidence from your research, using credible outside sources to support your claims
sources smoothly integrated (Links to an external site.) instead of Droppedinto the paper
MLA guidelines (Links to an external site.) with internal citations and a Work Cited list to cite your evidence
wrap-up sentences so that each main section of your paper is concluded with commentary that emphasizes your overall thesis

This is the first draft of the research paper. The files that I have attached should be helpful for you! Just follow the files that I gave you to do 8 pages of text, plus the Work Cited list.
Pay attention on the grammar !