Omplete SanctificationBook Critique on Becoming Christlike Disciplesby H. Ray Dunning

BOOK CRITIQUE on H. Ray Dunnings Becoming Christlike Disciples”.

All students are required to read and submit a 2000-2500 word Book Critique of H. Ray Dunningas Becoming Christlike Disciples, following the guidelines given below.

Here is a Link to a free online/electronic version: or disagree with the author? Why? What did you discover in the approach taken by the author? What did you think and how did you feel as you read this book? For whom would this book be valuable? Why? Do you think the professor wanted you or anybody else to read this particular book? This should be 25-30% of the paper.
6. Type the critique, using double spacing, standard margins, and 12 point Times New Roman font.
7. Follow the suggested guidelines in an orderly and logical manner.
8. Proof-read the finished review, and be sure that is neat and free from spelling and grammatical errors.
9. Major on the major points and give minor emphasis to the lesser points.
10. Make sure it is turned in on time.