Omplete the following discussion questions

Complete the following discussion questions:

1.) Which of the critical strategies described in this chapter do you find the most interesting? Which interest you the least?

2.) In Chapter 2, we present two stories by Kate Chopin: The Story of an Hourand The Storm. Which critical strategy do you think is the most rewarding for the study of this author? Explain why, using your favorite story of the two as a Case studyfor your arguments.

3.) Select a poem in this book that you especially enjoy, and explain why you value it so highly. Next reread and think about this poem in relation to reach of the the critical strategies outlined in this chapter. In what ways do these strategies, one by one, enable you to respond to and understand the poem more deeply? Does one of them seem to you especially helpful? Are any of them unhelpful? Be sure to use all 10 of the strategies.

For this question, use the poem entitled, Annunciationby William Butler Yeats.